Supervision :Programs that faculty members can supervise.
Cooperative Cooperative Graduate School
(*)・・・Secondary Supervision
Name Position Supervision Specialization
ADACHI Yasuhisa Professor Master/Doctor Environmental Colloid and Interface Engineering 1) Flocculation and Coagulation 2) Colloid and Interface in Ecosystem 3) Colloid facilitede trasportation 4) Water treatment 5) Bio-colloid
Andrew S. Utada Associate Professor Master/Doctor Soft-Matter Physics, Complex Fluids, Microfluidics, Applied Microbiology
ASANO Maki Assistant Professor Master/Doctor(*)
ASANUMA Jun Professor Master Hydrometeorology, Water Control Science
FUJII Sayaka Associate Professor Master City Planning/Architectural Planning
FUJIKAWA Masaki Professor Master/Doctor Architectural History/Design, City Planning/Architectural Planning, Japanese History
HIROTA Mitsuru Associate Professor Master/Doctor Carbon cycle and greenhouse gases (GHGs) dynamics in terrestrial ecosystem, Response to environmental change in alpine ecosystem: species, community and ecosystem components
ISODA Hiroko Professor Master/Doctor Food science Cell biology
KAIDA Naoko Associate Professor Master/Doctor(*) Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, Environmental Psychology, Pro-Environmental Behavior Analysis, Behavioral Change
KAJIYAMA Mikio Associate Professor Master Polymer Synthesis, Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Material Science
KAMAE Yoichi Assistant Professor Master/Doctor Global climate variability and change
KAMIJO Takashi Professor Master ECOLOGY, Forestry/Forest Engineering
KAWADA Kiyokazu Assistant Professor Master/Doctor(*) Environmental Agriculture, Ecology/Environment, Living Organisms Diversity/Classification, Resource Maintenance Studies, Geography
KOIKE Eiko Cooperative Associate Professor Master/Doctor(Cooperative) Environmental medicine,Immunology
KUMAGAI Yoshito Professor Master/Doctor Environmental Biology & Toxicology
LEI Zhongfang Associate Professor Master/Doctor Fundamental, mechanism and design of newly developed technologies for waste(water) treatment and resource recycling
MATSUI Kenichi Associate Professor Master/Doctor Human Geography, History of Thought, Western History
MATSUMOTO Hiroshi Professor Master/Doctor Environmental Biochemistry
MATSUSHITA Bunkei Associate Professor Master Environmental Dynamic Analysis
MIYAMAE Yusaku Associate Professor Master/Doctor Chemical Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Food Functionality
MIZUNOYA Takeshi Associate Professor Master/Doctor Environmental economics, Environmental policy, Comprehensive evaluation by simulation analysis
MURAKAMI Akinobu Associate Professor Master/Doctor landscape planning
NAGASHIMA Tatsuya Cooperative Associate Professor Master/Doctor(Cooperative) Regional air pollution,global warming,stratospheric ozone
NASAHARA Kenlo Associate Professor Master/Doctor remote sensing, ecology, watershed management, disaster management
NOMURA Nobuhiko Professor Master/Doctor Bacterial cell-cell communication and bacterial biofilm
OHSAWA Yoshiaki Professor Master Socio-Economic Planning, City Planning, Regional Science
OMORI Yuko Assistant Professor Master/Doctor
ONDA Yuichi Professor Master Geography, Natural Disaster Science, Forest Science
Program Office Staff
SAKAGUCHI Aya Associate Professor Master/Doctor Environmental radiochemistry
SATOH Shinobu Professor Master Plant adaptation to environment (Plant Physiology)
SHIMIZU Kazuya Associate Professor Master/Doctor Water treatment biology, Water supply engineering
SHIMPO Naomi Assistant Professor Master/Doctor(*) Landscape Planning
SHINKAI Yasuhiro Associate Professor Master/Doctor(*) Environmental Pharmaceutical Science
SUEKI Keisuke Professor Master Inorganic Chemistry(Nucl. and Radiochem.)
SUGATA Seiji Cooperative Associate Professor Master/Doctor(Cooperative) Air pollution,global warming
SUGITA Michiaki Professor Master Hydrology, Boundary Layer Meteorology (Mongolia, Nile Delta, Lake Kasumigaura)
TAKAHASHI Shinya Assistant Professor Master/Doctor(*) Risk sciences of radiation and chemicals Plant molecular biology/Plant physiology Environmental impact assessment Algae biomass
TAKAMI Akinori Cooperative Professor Master/Doctor(Cooperative) 1.Atmospheric Chemistry, Atmospheric Aerosol, Atmospheric Air Pollution, trans boundary air pollution
TAMURA Kenji Professor Master Soil Science, Environmental Science, Environmental Education
TANAKA Hiroshi Professor Master Weather/Oceanic Physics/Hydrology
Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe Cooperative Professor Master/Doctor(Cooperative) Environmental chemicals/pollutants, Neurotoxicity, Brain, Behavior
TOYOFUKU Masanori Associate Professor Master/Doctor(*) Microbiology
TSUJIMURA Maki Professor Master/Doctor Hydrology, Water Environment, Water Resources, Groundwater Hydrology, Sustainable Groundwater-Surface Water Integrated Management
UEDA Hiroaki Professor Master/Doctor Climatology and Meterology
UENO Kenichi Associate Professor Master Weather/Oceanic Physics/Hydrology
UTSUMI Motoo Professor Master/Doctor Aquatic Biogeochemistry and Engineering
VILLAREAL Myra O. Associate Professor Master/Doctor(*) Cell Biology/Pigment Cell Research/Food Functionality
WATANABE Shun Associate Professor Master City Planning and Building Planning, Social System Engineering, Media Informatics/Data Base
YABAR Helmut Associate Professor Master/Doctor Environmental Engineering and Management
YAMAJI Keiko Professor Master/Doctor Environmental Technology/Environmental Material/Chemical Ecology
YAMAMOTO Sachiko Assistant Professor Master/Doctor(*) Architectural and Regional Planning
YAMASHINA Chisato Junior Assistant Professor
YOKOI Tomoyuki Assistant Professor Maste/Doctor(*) Animal Ecology, Conservation Ecology, Behavioural Ecology
ZHANG Zhen Ya Professor Master/Doctor Bioresource process Engineering