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Jun 22 , 2018
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Jan 25 , 2018

The entrance exam will be held on 2018/01/31.
Refer to the “Information and Hints for Examinees” .

Download: (website of the University of Tsukuba)


Master’s Program in Environmental Sciences(General Admission)
Applicants who chose “the Foreign Language Option :

Dec 25 , 2017

Joint Master’s Degree Program in Department of Sustainable Environmental Sciences (JMSES), which focused on solving various problems and phenomenon in tropical regions environment, was established. The JMSES is closely related with our degree programs. If you are interested in tropical

Dec 19 , 2017

Special Joint Seminar will be offered in English!
How do we determine the detection limit of monitoring radioactive materials in the water? Dr. Rosella Rusconi, the head of Radiation Protection centre at ARPA Lombardia, Settore Attivita Produttive e Controlli, Centro …