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Degree Year Student Name Supervisor Title
Master March 2014 TOMIMATSU Kosuke TSUJIMURA Maki Groundwater Recharge Process in Tuul River Watershed, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Master March 2014 SUGITA Michiaki Changes in watershed environments and water balance of Lake Kasumigaura from 1970s to present
Master March 2014 SATOH Shinobu Effects of environmental factors on expression of potassium channel in the root of poplar
Master March 2014 HAMAJIMA Yuto LEI Zhongfang Analysis of Phosphorus Existing Forms in Sludge from Different Wastewater Treatment Processes
Master March 2014 HORIUCHI Yoshiei TSUJIMURA Maki Groundwater flow across divide in a headwater catchment underlain by sedimentary rocks
Master March 2014 WANG Wenlong ZHANG Zhen Ya Effect of Mg2+ on Nitrification Capability of Aerobic Granules When Treating Synthetic Wastewater
Master March 2014 AI Lingxue YABAR Helmut Evaluation of the Potential Environmental Benefits of Waste-to-energy Utilization in Jilin Province, China
Master March 2014 ADACHI Yasuhisa Impact of cesium aging on existing state in andisols
Master March 2014 SINGH RAJEEV KUMAR YABAR Helmut Analysis of the benefits of introducing the integrated solid waste management approach in developing countries: case study in Kathmandu City
Master March 2014 ZHANG Zhen Ya Nanosized Polyamidoamine (PAMAM) Dendrimers Affect Neuronal Differentiation in Human Neural Progenitor Cells
Master March 2014 TIAN Xiaojie Informal Learning and Practices of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge of Maasai Children in Kajiado County, Southern Kenya
Master March 2014 MA Xin ZHANG Zhen Ya Removal of Cr (VI) from Aqueous Solution by Subcritical Water-Treated Rice Husk
Master March 2014 Shikang Meng TAMURA Kenji Short-term Effects of Thinning on Soil Respiration and Carbon Budget in a Japanese Cedar Forest
Master March 2014 LIN Xiaocun ZHANG Zhen Ya Synthesis and Characterization of TiO2/ Quartz Sand Composite Using Sol-gel Method for Catalytic Degradation of Organic Substances
Master March 2014 BANU YASIN MATSUI Kenichi Kathmandu’s Attempts to Improve the Water Supply System: A Historical Analysis
Master July 2013 Badamsed Delgermaa MASUDA Misa Impacts of Herder Livelihood on Waterbird Habitats in Mongol Daguur Strictly Protected Area and Its Buffer Zone and Possible Solutions for Wetland Ecosystem Conservation
Master July 2013 Vu Van Minh SUGITA Michiaki Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change on Water Allocation in the Upper Cau River Basin-Vietnam
Master July 2013 Khanam Syeda Masuma MATSUI Kenichi The Empowerment of Rural Women in Bangladesh for Environmental Conservation: Integrating Traditional Knowledge and Environmental Education 
Master July 2013 Gantumur Tuvshinjargal YABAR Helmut The Integrated E-waste Management Systems in Mongolia: Learning from the Experience of Developed Nations
Master July 2013 Nguyen Thi My Quynh YOSHINO Kunihiko Mapping of Soil Erosion in the Binh Dien Reservoir Watershed using the RUSLE Model in GIS and Remote Sensing
Master July 2013 Nguyen Tu Anh MASUDA Misa Policy Options for REDD+ Implementation and Enhancing the Participation of Local People in Ba Be National Park, Bac Kan Province, Viet Nam
Master July 2013 Mohammad Shahjahan HIGANO Yoshiro Adoption of a Clean Development Mechanism for Sustainable Development and Economic Growth in Bangladesh
Master July 2013 Dao Minh Khue HIGANO Yoshiro Sustainable Management of Wastewater emitted by Paper Making Activities in Phong Khe Craft Village, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam
Master July 2013 Dang Nguyet Anh YOSHINO Kunihiko Economic Valuation of the Nha Trang Bay Marine Protected Area (MPA): A Willingness to pay Survey for MPA Conservation Programs
Master July 2013 TANTIWIWAT JEERAYOOS YABAR Helmut The Application of LCA in Renewable Energy Systems: A Case Study on Anaerobic Digestion Gas (ADG)
Master July 2013 Ha Nam Thang YOSHINO Kunihiko Seagrass Mapping using ALOS AVNIR-2 Data in Lap An lagoon, Vietnam
Master July 2013 Yadmaa Tseveenkhand MATSUI Kenichi Environmental Management through Tourism in Khan-Khentii State Special Protected Area, Mongolia
Master April 2013 CHEN Jie ZHANG Zhen Ya Adsorption of Chromium Cr (VI) from Industrial Wastewater Using Heat-treated Akadama Clay
Master March 2013 Mahdi IKHLAYEL HIGANO Yoshiro Proposal for Sustainable and Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management System in Amman, Jordan Based on the Life Cycle Assessment Method
Master March 2013 HIGANO Yoshiro Analysis of Eco-Labeling in Japan: A Comparison with the ENERGY STAR Eco-labeling System
Master March 2013 MARIA LUDIA SIMONAPENDI MASUDA Misa Economic Conditions and Forest Dependency in a Community Forest User Group, Chitwan District, Nepal
Master March 2013 PUN Ishwar TSUJIMURA Maki Radionucleides Behavior of Subsurface Water in Small Catchments, Covered by Different Vegetation in Kawamata Town, Fukushima Prefecture
Doctor March 2013 SETIAWAN YUDI YOSHINO Kunihiko Study of Land Use Change in Regional Scale of Java Island, Indonesia
Doctor March 2013 XIANG Nan HIGANO Yoshiro Comprehensive Evaluation of Socio-Economic and Environmental Policies Emphasizing Reclaimed Water Utilization to Effectively Achieve Sustainable Development in Tianjin, China
Master July 2012 ABU TAHER MOHAMMAD KAMRUL KABIR BHUIYAN HIGANO Yoshiro Introducing Socio-Environmental Management Policy Guidelines for the Financing of Electric Power Projects in Bangladesh
Master July 2012 NGUYEN Thanh Nga HIGANO Yoshiro Estimation of Direct Use Values of Wetlands: A Case Study of Xuan Thuy National Park, Ramsar Site, Viet Nam
Master July 2012 NGUYEN Thi Thuy Phuong MASUDA Misa The Effect of Forest Management by Local People to Forest Resource and Local Livelihood in Nam Dong district, Thua Thien Hue province, Viet Nam
Master July 2012 NGO Thi Lan Phuong YABAR Helmut A New Approach to Municipal Solid Waste Governance based on a Sound Material ? Cycle Society Initiative in Hanoi, Vietnam
Master July 2012 GONCHIG GANTULGA MATSUI Kenichi The Establishment of Sustainable Livestock Farming Service in Galshir, Mongolia: Challenges and Possibilities of Integrated Governance
Master July 2012 Natsagsuren Natsagdorj TSUJIMURA Maki Evaluation of Factors Affecting the Soil moisture in Arid and Semi-arid Regions in Mongolia
Master July 2012 Khishigsuren Nyamsambuu YOSHINO Kunihiko Optimal Pastureland Use Planning in Bayan, Mongolia using Remote Sensing and GIS
Master July 2012 PHAM TIEN DAT YOSHINO Kunihiko Mangrove Area Change Analysis for Coastal Environmental Management in Hai Phong city, Vietnam using Remote Sensing and GIS
Master July 2012 FAKIR MUHAMMAD MUNAWAR HOSSAIN MASUDA Misa Socio-economic Background of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in the Whykong Forest Range of Bangladesh
Master July 2012 HOANG Thanh Tung HIGANO Yoshiro Policy for Risk Management in the Rice Value Chain to Adapt with Climate Change in Vietnam
Master July 2012 LI JingLu ZHANG Zhen Ya Herbicide Chlorsulfuron Degradation in Water Solution by Electrochemical Method
Doctor July 2012 Qinghong WANG ZHANG Zhen Ya Development of Methane Fermentation for Restraining Ammonia Inhibition
Doctor July 2012 Xu GUO ZHANG Zhen Ya Degradation of Organic Compounds in Water by Combination of Electrochemical and Photocatalytic Method
Doctor July 2012 CHAO ZHAO ZHANG Zhen Ya Study on Water Purification Using Tungsten Trioxide Photocatalyst under Visible Light
Doctor July 2012 Min SHI ZHANG Zhen Ya Solid-State Fermentation of Soybean Curd Residue by Ganoderma Lucidum and Lentinus edodes and its Bioactivity Assessment
Master April 2012 Huang Wen Yu HIGANO Yoshiro Life Cycle Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Chinese Urban Areas: Case Study in Chongqing City
Master January 2012 NAGAHAMA Kazuyo MASUDA Misa Forest Management, Utilization, and People’s Perception of a Van Panchayat in Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
Doctor November -0001 Chekirbane Anis TSUJIMURA Maki Interaction Between Groundwater and Saline Surface Water in Alluvial Aquifers of Ephemeral Coastal Streams, North-east of Tunisia
Doctor November -0001 Karanja Joseph Muiruri MATSUI Kenichi Administrative Synergy for Environmental Governance in a joint Ramsar and UNESCO World Heritage Site: Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya
Master November -0001 MAKHMUDOVA GULZHAN MIRSULTANOVNA MATSUI Kenichi The Remediation Policy after Mining Works in the Kyrgyz Republic

Old Thesis

Degree Year Student Name Supervisor Title
Master March 2012 Masatsugu Uesugi ZHANG Zhen Ya Study on a Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation from Biodiesel Processing Wastewater
Master March 2012 Junji Koide MASUDA Misa Constraints in Sustainable Development of Lowland Rice Production in Southern Ghana
Master March 2012 Takuya Shiraishi Mitsuru Hirota Grazing Impact on Above-Ground Biomass and Species Diversity along Altitudinal Gradient in Alpine Meadow on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Master March 2012 Yusuke Sugamoto HAMA Takeo Measurement of Primary Productivity at Boulder Shore and Its Contribution to the Coastal Ecosystem
Master March 2012 An Li Ang HIGANO Yoshiro A Study of Effective Nitrogen Utilization for Sustainable Development in Song Yuan City
Master March 2012 Wang Qijun HIGANO Yoshiro LCA of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling system in Zhejiang province
Master March 2012 Wang Guangxing OBASE Reiji A Study on Electric Power Saving Effects in the University of Tsukuba
Master March 2012 Jia Chengshan MASUDA Misa Economic Impacts of Tourism on the Local People's Livelihood in the Phoenix Mountain National Forest Park (PMNFP) in Liaoning Province, China
Master March 2012 Leilei HE ZHANG Zhen Ya Semi-Continuous Two-Phase Dry Anaerobic Digestion from Rice Straw
Master March 2012 Zhu Aijun HIGANO Yoshiro Guidelines for Participatory Municipal Solid Waste Management Planning in Beijing
Master March 2012 Sun Shuang HIGANO Yoshiro Comprehensive Comparison through LCA of the Municipal Wastewater Treatment Technologies in Beijing
Master March 2012 Ni Bingbin YOSHINO Kunihiko Solutions against Water Quality Degradation in Minjiang River, Fuzhou, China
Master March 2012 Fu Danping ZHANG Zhen Ya Effects of Different Carbon and Nitrogen Sources on Solid-State Fermentation of Soybean Curd Residue by Lentinus edodes
Master March 2012 HOSSAIN Md. SHAHADAT HAYASHI Yousei Potential Impact of Climate Change on Rice Production in Bangladesh
Master March 2012 Huifang Li ZHANG Zhen Ya Photocatalytic Degradation of Chlorsulfuron in Water by Pt/WO3 Using Simulated Solar Light
Master March 2012 Chengguang Li MASUDA Misa Significance of Non-agricultural Income in Rural Livelihoods of Upper East Region, Ghana
Master March 2012 Li Shuanghong OBASE Reiji A Study on the Evolution of Medium and Small Riverside District Urban Space in Rugao City, China
Master March 2012 Li Meihua WAKASUGI Nao One-child policy in China KAP(Knowledge Attitude Practice) study in Yanbian autonomous prefecture
Master March 2012 Lu Keyu HIGANO Yoshiro Scenario Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Management System in Shanghai
Master March 2012 Aizawa Naoto MASUDA Misa Possibility of Inland Aquaculture Development in the Northeast Pará, Brazil
Master July 2011 Nguyen Van Tra HIGANO Yoshiro Study on the Influences of Urban Growth to Agricultural Lands in Urban Fringe Area of Hanoi City
Master July 2011 Nguyen Trung Thuan HIGANO Yoshiro A Study on the Pollution Control Policy for Industrial Waste Water in Hanoi City,Vietnam
Master July 2011 Zagdragchaa Otgonbayar ZHANG Zhen Ya Removal of Chromium from Water by Adsorption onto Akadama Mud and Its Application to Tannery Waste Water Handling
Master July 2011 Turdumatova Nazgul MASUDA Misa The Legal Framework of Nature Conservation and Protected Area Management in the Kyrgyz Republic
Master July 2011 Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong HIGANO Yoshiro Establishing the Municipal Solid Waste Management in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Doctor March 2012 Dun-Yen WANG HIGANO Yoshiro The Feasibility of Conbing the Algae-to-oil System with Advanced Sewage Treatment
Doctor March 2012 Nishant SAXENA ISHII Tetsuro Molecular Functions of Mortalin in Cellular Senescence, Cancer and Environmental Stress Management
Doctor March 2012 Didil PRIYANDOKO ISHII Tetsuro Molecular Functions of Ashwagandha Leaf Extract and Withanone in Protection of Human Cells from Stress Agents
Doctor March 2012 NOH Yongseok WATANABE Kazuo Consideration on Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Resources Management among the Hmong of Laos into the Development Projects
Doctor March 2012 Ran GAO ISHII Tetsuro Regulation of Cancer through Mortalin- and p53-related Signaling Pathways
Doctor March 2012 Navjot SHAH ISHII Tetsuro Molecular Insights into the Effects of Phytochemicals from Ashwagandlha on Cellular Senscence and Differentiation
Doctor March 2012 Lu Yifeng ZHANG Zhen Ya Study on the Application of Ecosystem Engineering to Wastewater Treatment in the Decentralized Area
Doctor July 2011 Chen NAN ZHANG Zhen Ya Adsorptive Removal of Fluoride from Contaminated Water Using Ceramic Materials