Name ISODA Hiroko
Position Professor
Affiliation Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences
Supervision Master/Doctor
Office 共同研究棟A307
Telephone 029-853-5775
Specializations Food science
Cell biology
Professional Experience
Research Topics
Publications In Vitro Testing and Commercialization Potential of Extracted Fulvic Acid from Dredged Sediment from Arid Region Reservoirs
Irie Mitsuteru; Han Junkyu; Kawachi Atsushi; Tarhouni Jam...
WASTE AND BIOMASS VALORIZATION/5(2)/pp.273-281, 2014-04
Environmental risk assessment of groundwater quality and treated wastewater reuse on aquifer recharge: a case study in Korba, Tunisia
Etteieb Selma; Kawachi Atsuchi; Elayni Foued; Han Junkyu;...
DESALINATION AND WATER TREATMENT/52(10-12)/pp.2032-2038, 2014-03
Antiobesity Effects of an Edible Halophyte Nitraria retusa Forssk in 3T3-L1 Preadipocyte Differentiation and in C57B6J/L Mice Fed a High Fat Diet-Induced Obesity
Zar Kalai F; Han J; Ksouri R; Omri A4; Abdelly C; Isoda H
Antistress Effects of the Ethanolic Extract from Cymbopogon schoenanthus Growing Wild in Tunisia
Ben Othman Mahmoud; Han Junkyu; El Omri Abdelfatteh; Ksou...
In Vitro Antiproliferative Effect of Arthrocnemum indicum Extracts on Caco-2 Cancer Cells through Cell Cycle Control and Related Phenol LC-TOF-MS Identification
Boulaaba Mondher; Mkadmini Khaoula; Tsolmon Soninkhishig;...
Activation of MITF by Argan Oil Leads to the Inhibition of the Tyrosinase and Dopachrome Tautomerase Expressions in B16 Murine Melanoma Cells
Villareal Myra O.; Kume Sayuri; Bourhim Thouria; Zahra Ba...
Lupenone from Erica multiflora leaf extract stimulates melanogenesis in B16 murine melanoma cells through the inhibition of ERK1/2 activation
Villareal MO; Han J; Matsuyama K; Sekii Y; Smaoui A; Shig...
Planta Med./79(3-4)/pp.236-243, 2013-02
Caffeoylquinic acid induces ATP production and energy metabolism in human neurotypic SH-SY5Y cells
Kazunori Sasaki; Junkyu Han; Hideyuki Shigemori; Hiroko I...
Nutrition and Aging/1/p.141-150, 2012
α-Linolenic Acid Suppresses Cholesterol and Triacylglycerol Biosynthesis Pathway and Transcriptional Factors SREBP-2, SREBP1a and -1c in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes
Fukumitsu S.; Villareal M.; Onaga S.; Aida K.; Han J.; Is...
Cytotechnology/ press, 2013
Characterization of Humic Substances in Sediment on Joumine Reservoir in Tunisia
KAWACHI Atsushi; YAMADA Parida; IRIE Mitsuteru; ISODA Hiroko
沙漠研究 : 日本沙漠学会誌/22(1)/pp.49-52, 2012-06
Sedimentation Trend and Behavior of Turbid Water in the Reservoir
IRIE Mitsuteru; KAWACHI Atsushi; TARHOUNI Jamila; GHRABI ...
沙漠研究 : 日本沙漠学会誌/22(1)/pp.91-94, 2012-06
Soil Amendment by Sediment from Water Storage Reservoir as a Restoration Technique in Secondary Treated Wastewater Irrigated Area at El Hajeb Region (Sfax-Tunisia)
MTIBAA Slim; IRIE Mitsuteru; HENTATI Olfa; TRABELSI Habib...
沙漠研究 : 日本沙漠学会誌/22(1)/pp.315-318, 2012-06
Sensitivity of in-vitro Bioassays towards Several Water Origins in Tunisian Arid and Semi-arid Area
FREDJ Fahmi BEN; IRIE Mitsuteru; HAN Junkyu; LIMAM Atef; ...
沙漠研究 : 日本沙漠学会誌/22(1)/pp.319-322, 2012-06
Rosmarinus officinalis polyphenols produce anti-depressant like effect through monoaminergic and cholinergic functions modulation
Sasaki Kazunori; El Omri Abdelfatteh; Kondo Shinji; Han J...
BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH/238/pp.86-94, 2013-02
Proteomic study of granulocytic differentiation induced by apigenin 7-glucoside in human promyelocytic leukemia HL-60 cells
Nakazaki Eri; Tsolmon Soninkhishig; Han Junkyu; Isoda Hiroko
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUTRITION/52(1)/pp.25-35, 2013-02
Arthrophytum scoparium inhibits melanogenesis through the down-regulation of tyrosinase and melanogenic gene expressions in B16 melanoma cells
Chao Hui-Chia; Najjaa Hanen; Villareal Myra O.; Ksouri Ri...
EXPERIMENTAL DERMATOLOGY/22(2)/pp.131-136, 2013-02
Toxicity assessment of wastewater by proteomics analysis
35.Han J.; Takenaka M.; Talorete N.; Funamizu N.; Isoda H...
Environmental Sciences/14/p.35-41, 2008-01
Properties of Fulvic Acid Extracted from Excess Sludge and Its β-hexosaminidase Release Inhibition Effect
Motojima H.; Yamada P.; Han J.; Ozaki M.; Shigemori H.; I...
Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry/73/p.2210-2216, 2009-01
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