Name LEI Zhongfang
Position Associate Professor
Affiliation Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences/Doctoral Program in Sustainable Environmental Studies
Supervision Master/Doctor
Office B306, Natural Science Building
Telephone 029-853-6703
Specializations Fundamental, mechanism and design of newly developed technologies for waste(water) treatment and resource recycling
Professional Experience 1)From January 1997 to December 1998, as a postdoctoral research fellow worked in Shanghai Petroleum Corporation Limited (jointly recruited by Fudan University,China)
2)From January 1999 to March 2012, first as a lecturer and then an Associate Professor worked in the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Fudan University (China)
3)From April 2012 to present, as an Associate Professor working in the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences,the University of Tsukuba
Research Topics Fundamental, mechanism and design of newly developed technologies for waste(water) treatment and recycling
Publications 1) Zhongfang Lei, Xi Luo, Zhenya Zhang,Norio Sugiura. Effects of variations of extracellular polymeric substances and soluble microbial products on activated sludge properties during anaerobic storage. Environmental Technology 28, 529-544(2007)
2) Zhiyin Zhang, Zhongfang Lei*, Zhenya Zhang, Norio Sugiura, Xiaotian Xu,Didi Yin. Organics removal of combined wastewater through shallow soil infiltration treatment: a field and laboratory study. Journal of Hazardous Materials 149, 657-665(2007)
3) Zhenya Zhang, Zhongfang Lei*, Xiaoyan He, Zhiyin Zhang, Yingnan Yang, Norio Sugiura. Nitrate removal by Thiobacillus denitrificans immobilized on poly(vinyl alcohol) carriers. Journal of Hazardous Materials 163, 1090-1095(2009)
4) Zhongfang Lei, Yingen Huang, Kazuya Shimizu,Zhenya Zhang. Impact of nitrification inhibitor on nitrogen removal and related enzyme activities during soil infiltration treatment of domestic wastewater. Japanese Journal of Water Treatment Biology 46(1), 35-45(2010)
5) Zhongfang Lei*, Jiayi Chen, Zhenya Zhang, Norio Sugiura. Methane production from rice straw with acclimated anaerobic sludge: Effect of phosphate supplementation. Bioresource Technology 101, 4343-4348(2010)
6) Dahu Ding, Yingxin Zhao, Shengjiong Yang, Wansheng Shi, Zhenya Zhang, Zhongfang Lei, Yingnan Yang. Adsorption of cesium from aqueous solution using agricultural residue – Walnut shell: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic modeling studies. Water Research 47, 2563-2571 (2013)
7) Lin Lin, Chunli Wan, Xiang Liu, Duu-Jong Lee*, Zhongfang Lei*, Yi Zhang, Joo Hwa Tay. Effect of initial pH on mesophilic hydrolysis and acidification of swine manure. Bioresource Technology 136,302-308(2013)
8) Lin Lin, Zhongfang Lei*, Li Wang, Xiang Liu, Yi Zhang, Chunli Wan, Duu-Jong Lee, Joo Hwa Tay. Adsorption mechanisms of high-levels of ammonium onto natural and NaCl-modified zeolites. Separation and Purification Technology 103,15-20(2013)
9) Zhongfang Lei, Ting Wu, Yi Zhang, Xiang Liu, Chunli Wan, Duu-Jong Lee, Joo-Hwa Tay. Two-stage soil infiltration treatment system for treating ammonium wastewaters of low COD/TN ratios. Bioresource Technology 128,774-778(2013)
10) Wansheng Shi, Chunguang Liu, Youju Shu, Chuanping Feng, Zhongfang Lei*, Zhenya Zhang*. Synergistic effect of rice husk addition on hydrothermal treatment of sewage sludge: Fate and environmental risk of heavy metals. Bioresource Technology 149,496-502 (2013)
11)Dahu Ding, Zhongfang Lei,Yingnan Yang, Chuanping Feng, and Zhenya Zhang. Nickel Oxide Grafted Andic Soil for Efficient cesium removal from aqueous solution: Adsorption behavior and mechanisms. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 5,10151−10158(2013)
12)Lin Lin, Chunli Wan, Xiang Liu, Zhongfang Lei*, Duu-Jong Lee, Yi Zhang, Joo Hwa Tay, Zhenya Zhang. Anaerobic digestion of swine manure under natural zeolite addition: VFA evolution, cation variation, and related microbial diversity. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 97 10575-10583(2013)
13) Chunguang Liu, Zhongfang Lei, Yingnan Yang, Haifeng Wang, Zhenya Zhang. Improvement in settleability and dewaterability of waste activated sludge by solar photocatalytic treatment in Ag/TiO2-coated glass tubular reactor. Bioresource Technology 137,57-62 (2013)
14) Wansheng Shi, Chunguang Liu, Dahu Ding, Zhongfang Lei, Yingnan Yang, Chuanping Feng, Zhenya Zhang. Immobilization of heavy metals in sewage sludge by using subcritical water technology. Bioresource Technology 137,18-24 (2013)
15) Chunguang Liu, Zhongfang Lei, Yingnan Yang, Zhenya Zhang. Preliminary trial on degradation of waste activated sludge and simultaneous hydrogen production in a newly-developed solar photocatalytic reactor with AgX/TiO2-coated glass tubes. Water Research 47,4986-4992 (2013)
16) Chunguang Liu, Wansheng Shi, Huifang Li, Zhongfang Lei, Leilei He, Zhenya Zhang. Improvement of methane production from waste activated sludge by on-site photocatalytic pretreatment in a photocatalytic anaerobic fermenter. Bioresource Technology 155,198-203 (2014)
17) Xiaonan Yu, Chunli Wan, Zhongfang Lei, Xiang Liu, Yi Zhang, Duu-Jong Lee, Joo-Hwa Tay. Adsorption of ammonium by aerobic granules under high ammonium levels. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 45,202-206 (2014)
18) Xiaoyong Qian, Genxiang Shen, Zhenqi Wang, Chunxia Guo, Yangqing Liu, Zhongfang Lei*, Zhenya Zhang*. Co-composting of livestock manure with rice straw: Characterization and establishment of maturity evaluation system. Waste Management 34,530-535 (2014)
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30) Leilei He, He Huang, Zhenya Zhang, Zhongfang Lei*. A review of hydrothermal pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass for enhanced biogas production. Current Organic Chemistry,19(5),437-446(2015)
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