Name ADACHI Yasuhisa
Position Professor
Affiliation Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences/Appropriate Technology and Sciences for Sustainable Devel
Supervision Master/Doctor
Office B221
Telephone 4862
Specializations Environmental Colloid and Interface Engineering

1) Flocculation and Coagulation
2) Colloid and Interface in Ecosystem
3) Colloid facilitede trasportation
4) Water treatment
5) Bio-colloid
Professional Experience Education:
Ph-D(Agri.Eng.) The University of Tokyo, March 1988
Thesis title: A Fundamental Study on the Structure of a Floc
MSc (Agri.Eng.) The University of Tokyo, March 1983
BSc (Agri.Eng.) The University of Tokyo, March 1981

Professional Experience:
JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) Research Fellowship for Young Scientist (1987)
Research Associate, University of Tsukuba (1988-2002)
Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba (2002-2009)
Visiting researcher, Wageningen Agricultural University, the Netherlands (1991, 1993)
JSPS System fellow IAB member
Research Topics Stability of Colloid, Flocculation, Soil and Water, Clay, Humic substance, Polyelectrolyte
Publications Kinetics of flocculation of polystyrene latex particles in the mixingflow induced with high charge density polycation near the isoelectricpointYasuhisa Adachi∗, Lili Feng, Motoyoshi Kobayashi
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects 471 (2015) 38–44

Yasuhisa Adachii, Azusa Kobayashi, Motoyoshi Kobayashi,” Structure of Colloidal Flocs in relation to the Dynamic Properties of Unstable Suspension”, International Journal of Polymer Science,vol.2012(2012)

Yuji Yamashita, Tadao Tanaka, Yasuhisa Adachi,”Transport behavior and deposition kinetics of humic acid under acidic conditions in porous media” Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, vol.417 , 230 -235 (2013

T.Fukasawa, Y.Adachi,” Effect of floc structure on the rate of Brownian coagulation",J.Colloid and Interface Science,vol. 304, 115-118(2006)

Y.Adachi,"Dynamic Aspects of Coagulation and Flocculation",Adv.Colloid and Interface Sci.,vol.56,pp.1-31,1995
Courses at MES/DSES Introduction to Cycle-oriented Environmental Studies
Colloid Science in Soil and Environments
Courses at Other Programs Conservation of Soil and Water Resources
Soil Physics
Basic Experiments in Environmental Engineering
Advanced Arid Land Engineering
Introduction Analysis II
Practical Course on the Applied Hydlaulics
Internship in environmental engineering
Soil Engineering
Introduction of Colloid and Interface Science _T
Arid Land Engineering
Soil Physics Laboratory
Introduction of Colloid and Interface Science _U
Basic Mathematics
Practice in specific subjects on physics
Seminar in Arid Land Engineering I
Seminar in Arid Land Engineering II
Dissertation in Arid Land Engineering I
Dissertation in Arid Land Engineering II
Dissertation in Arid Land Engineering III
Research in Arid Land Engineering I
Research in Arid Land Engineering II
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